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Real-time Destination Safety Advice API
Alerts API are temporary events related to destination safety, security, health outbreaks and other high risk information.
Imports: 5
Global Embassy Finder API
This API find the Global embassy contact information including email, website, street address, phone number and other details.
Imports: 9
Destination Safety & Security Advice API
This API tells the destination latest safety and security travel advice. Including Destination Crime, Scams, Womens & LGBTQ safety advice
Imports: 4
Destination Laws for Tourist API
This API tells the destination latest Laws, offenses, fines for Tourists and travelers which could threaten their safety.
Imports: 0
New Tourist Visa, Quarantine & Covid Health Entry Requirements
API returns the latest post Covid19 destination visa & passport requirements and travel restrictions based on traveler citizenship.
Imports: 6