Kaustav Das Modak

Developer Advocate at Postman
Visualizer DIY Bar Chart
A template to help you get started with Visualizers in Postman
Imports: 100+
Visualizer table
Render API data as HTML table
Imports: 300+
Visualizer D3 heatmap demo
An example of using D3.js in Postman to render visualization of a heatmap
Imports: 50+
Cat Management Blueprint
A hypothetical API's blueprint.
Imports: 7
Dynamic variables in Mock Servers
Mock Server-ready list of all dynamic variables supported by Postman
Imports: 40+
Hello World
A happy-path, single-request collection with tests.
Imports: 200+
Generate JWT
This collection shows how pre-request scripts in Postman can be used to generate JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
Imports: 5k+
APIOps 101
Tips and a hands-on guide to build collections that have workflows involving multiple APIs.
Imports: 30+