Node app that functions like a URL shortener

We'll start with a simple Node app that functions like a URL shortener. In our case, we'll transform one URL into a different one using cat verbs, cat adjectives, and cat emojis 🐱 - and when you input your custom URL into a browser, you'll be redirected back to the original website.
This collection and environment was originally used as an example in Deploying a scalable web application with Docker and Kubernetes from the Postman Engineering blog.
If you want to follow along, go ahead and fork this example and follow the README steps to spin up a local version of these APIs.
The beauty of using containers is that even if I'm developing this example on a machine with my Operating System and a different version of Node, you can rely on my container image to prescribe the exact specifications you'll need to run the same application seamlessly on your machine, or in the cloud, or wherever you choose to deploy.


Puns and dank memes are kind of my wheelhouse.