API Learner

Sample API collection for learning and remixing

Try out sample endpoints using an API hosted on Glitch. Open each request in the collection and click Send to see it run.

To view the code for the API visit the project on Glitch.

Remix your own version of the API

You can extend the API and update your Postman collection to call your own version of the endpoints.

Use the button in the top left in Glitch to remix the project and edit the code.

Glitch will automatically give your remix a new name and URL - click Show > In a New Window to see it in your browser address bar.

In Postman, edit the url collection variable to make the requests point at your remix of the API.

Edit the requests in the collection to reflect the changes you make on Glitch.

Remember to sign into / up for Glitch to save your project, and save your edited collection requests in Postman.


Sue Smith
I like to help people learn tech skills. Developer Educator on the Postman devrel team.