Visualizer Template: Table

A set of example requests that allow you to create data tables on Visualize.

A collection of API requests to demonstrate the data visualization feature through a table, created by student developers at Berkeley CodeBase.

For the full list of visualizer templates we have created, click here.

This collection contains three sample usages for the table visualizer using requests from different API endpoints.

  1. Pokemon
  2. Spotify
  3. New York Times

For detailed explanation on a request, check its description.

Data Parsing

Two arrays are feed into the template:

  1. headers : an array of the table headers (strings)

    Example: ["header1", "header2", ...]

  2. results : an array of arrays, where each array contains a row of information

    Example: [[name1, url1, summary1], [name2, url2, summary2], ...]


A software development student org at UC Berkeley. In Fall 2019, we're working with Postman to create a set of data visualization templates.