Visualizer Template: Map

A set of example requests that allow you to create density maps on Visualize.

A collection of API requests to demonstrate the data visualization feature through a density map, created by student developers at Berkeley CodeBase.

For the full list of visualizer templates we have created, click here.

This global density map allows us to visualize any form of quantitative variable, such as population, temperature, or number of occurrences, against longitude and latitude coordinates.

This collection contains three sample usages for the map visualizer.

  1. Earthquakes
  2. Unemployment Rate
  3. UFO Sightings

For detailed explanation on a request, check its description.

Data Parsing

At the bottom of the test script, the data is formatted into the following data structure.

[{ lat: 75.0, long: 36.0, circleSize: 8, color: '#FFFFFF' }]

Custom Tooltip

The default tooltip description is the latitude and longitude of the point. If you wish to edit the tooltip description, add the desired fields to parsedData and edit the tooltip section of the template. See the "Unemployment Rate" example for reference.

Map Use

Drag to select an area to zoom into, single click to zoom out, and hover to view ToolTip tags.


A software development student org at UC Berkeley. In Fall 2019, we're working with Postman to create a set of data visualization templates.