Visualizer Template: Cross Filter

A set of example requests that allow you to create data cross filters on Visualize.

A collection of API requests to demonstrate the data visualization feature through a cross filter, created by student developers at Berkeley CodeBase.

For the full list of visualizer templates we have created, click here.

A cross filter allows us to take any common data visualization (e.g. a histogram or line chart) and provide additional user control over the dataset by selecting portions in one axis to see its corresponding data on other axes. This is especially useful for more complex, multi-dimensional data. Here, we demonstrate it with histograms, although it can be extended to accommodate other quantitative visualizations.


This collection contains three sample usages for the map visualizer.

  1. UFO Sightings
  2. TVMaze
  3. Twitter

For detailed descriptions of a request, check its description.

Data Parsing

Data parsing is done at the bottom of the test script and at the top of the test script, in the template string. At the bottom of the test script, the data is passed in to the template string.

Crossfilter Use

Drag mouse across the bars of a graph to filter data based on the graph field.


A software development student org at UC Berkeley. In Fall 2019, we're working with Postman to create a set of data visualization templates.