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Turn on the Hue light in Joyce's kitchen
Turn on the lights in Joyce's kitchen by sending requests in the folder **Working in Production**.
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OAuth 2.0
Examples of various OAuth 2.0 flows using the Spotify and PagerDuty APIs
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Securely using API keys in Postman
These examples accompany this blog post: Securely using API keys in Postman:
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Hue for twitch
Follow along with Arlemi and Joyce's livestream on Twitch as they unbox Philips Hue lights and mess around with the API.
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From this webinar: http://bit.
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SOAP: fahrenheit to celsius conversion
An example of using Postman for your SOAP requests:
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Intro to writing tests - with examples
This collection contains examples of tests that you can use to automate your testing process. Includes basic test syntax, examples of API tests, and integration tests.
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Working with GraphQL
Examples of working with GraphQL endpoints such as using a JSON request body, content-type, and importing queries.
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How to use the Postman Console
This collection contains examples of how you can use the Postman console for more visibility when debugging.
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A sample API that retrieves constellations as an example to demonstrate features in the OpenAPI 3.0 specification.
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Chaos engineering
Learn how your Kubernetes clusters respond to failure using Gremlin andĀ Grafana
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Open Data in San Francisco
Explore Open Data available from San Francisco's API, ranging from popular film locations to neighborhoods with the highest concentration of poop on the sidewalks.
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Search for available books by creating a custom slash command using Slack, Airtable, and Postman.
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Interact with the Nanoleaf API for controlling smart light interfaces.
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SOAP: holiday web service
An example of using Postman for your [SOAP requests](
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Space v1: get started tutorial
A guide to getting started with Postman. Retrieve a pic from NASA and post it to Imgur.
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SpaceX launches: write to your local file system
An example of writing to your local file system by pulling data from a REST API and writing to a local file.
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jeopardy-mongo: building and testing APIs
Learn how to build and test a Jeopardy API using LoopBack, MongoDB, and Postman.
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Meetups to Slack
Pipe upcoming meetup events to a Slack notification.
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Extract data to chain requests
Extract data from the response. This is useful to capture authorization, session, or cookie data or parse information (e.g. XML or JSON) available within the response body to chain requests and use this data in a subsequent request.
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Working with other programming languages
Whether you're exploring APIs or building your own, you can use Postman to work with your favorite programming language (like cURL) and even other API description formats.
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Working with data files: ramen
This collection is an example of how to use the Postman Collection Runner alongside CSV or JSON data files.
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Workout: API-first aproach
Before you start, note that this documentation is an example of an API-first approach. Use this example as a guide to develop your own APIs.
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Water my rooftop plants
Running this collection with a Postman monitor will water your plants at a regular interval.
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Node app that functions like a URL shortener
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Reverse engineering an API
From inspecting a single HTTP request to monitoring a stream of requests, here's how you can use Postman to capture and visualize this HTTP traffic.
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Send asynch requests with Postman's PM API
Example of sending asynchronous requests with Postman's PM API.
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