Acronis Cyber Platform

The Acronis Cyber Platform exposes a set of REST API to allow partners to integrate existing and create new solutions.
Acronis Agent Management API
Retrieve filtered information about the Acronis Cyber Protect Agents, combine it with Alerts, Activities and Task to build the full picture
Imports: 20+
Acronis Tasks, Activities and Alerts API
Automate your help-desks and build dashboards for Acronis Cyber Cloud with Tasks, Activities and Alerts.
Imports: 50+
Acronis Account Management API
Manage partners, customers and users, services, offering items, quotas and reports, all base management tasks for Acronis Cyber Cloud.
Imports: 100+
Acronis Cyber Files API
Secure content management features for use in your own product, including automation of file storage, sync, share, and search.
Imports: 10+
Acronis Cyber Notary API
Enable notarization, electronic signature, and authenticity verification of files and JSON objects using the Ethereum blockchain.
Imports: 10