Acronis Cyber Platform

The Acronis Cyber Platform exposes a set of REST API to allow partners to integrate existing and create new solutions.
Acronis Tasks, Activities and Alerts API
Automate your help-desks and build dashboards for Acronis Cyber Cloud with Tasks, Activities and Alerts.
Imports: 20+
Acronis Account Management API
Manage partners, customers and users, services, offering items, quotas and reports, all base management tasks for Acronis Cyber Cloud.
Imports: 50+
Acronis Cyber Files API
Secure content management features for use in your own product, including automation of file storage, sync, share, and search.
Imports: 2
Acronis Cyber Notary API
Enable notarization, electronic signature, and authenticity verification of files and JSON objects using the Ethereum blockchain.
Imports: 1