Spherity Wallet: ATP Credential Pilot

Version: 0.21.This is the documentation of the Spherity Wallet APIs that are required for the ATP Credential Pilot.

Version: 0.20

This is the documentation of the Spherity Wallet APIs that are required for the ATP Credential Pilot.

The Spherity Wallet APIs are compliant with the standards of Decentralized Identifier (DIDs) & Verifiable Credentials (VCs). The communication between the APIs is build on the flows defined by the Hyperledger Aries RFCs.

If you want to learn more about the full feature and scope of the Spherity Wallet, just follow this link to our full documentation: https://docu.spherity.com/?version=latest

Short summary of the integrated standards:

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

A Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) is a globally unique identifier developed specifically for decentralized systems as defined by the W3C DID specification. DIDs enable interoperable decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity management. A DID is associated with exactly one DID Document.

Verifiable Credential

A Credential that includes a Proof from the Issuer. Typically this proof is in the form of a digital signature. Based on the definition provided by the W3C Verifiable Claims Working Group.

Hyperledger Aries RFC(DIDComm1-Iss1)

Spherity Wallet APIs are based on the Aries RFC flow even if they are based on different Blockchains (like Ethereum). Here you can find a High Level Overview of our High Level flow. Please be aware that most API flows will be automated in this project.

The use cases and examples of this document are customized for the ATP Credential Pilot project.

Required APIs for ATP Credential Pilot:

  • Send Credential Proposal
  • Send offer to issue a credential
  • Send Credential Request (automated in future)
  • Send Credential (automated in future)
  • Save Credential (automated in future)
  • Generate Signed Verifiable Presentation (JWT) of License Credential + Hash (or Response)
  • Verify Enriched GS1 Verification Request (or Response)
  • Credentials - Revoke
  • Credentials - Verify Revocation Status

Optional APIs:

  • Credentials - GET
  • Credential RevocationList - Get
  • Threads - Get

The following document describes the API flow in the context of issuing an identity credential, license credential and using these credential in the Saleable Returns Verification : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DF8Lo3udUR5aMIUydmHkehWswTtuoDXDWsUtpev7CCs/edit?usp=sharing


Spherity provides a decentralized identity solution for enterprises, humans and objects to enable trustworthy, secure and tamper-proof interactions in the digital world.