Custom Location Extension API

The HERE Custom Location Extension is a service that stores and retrieves custom locations. Locations can be uploaded as CSV files or Shapefile standard compliant shapes via an administration website or as XML files via HTTP POST requests to the RESTful API. Locations can be retrieved by making an HTTP GET requests to the RESTful API.

The Custom Location Extension API provides solutions for the following high level use cases:

  • Store custom sets of locations and polygons, for use with other HERE APIs.
  • Perform a proximity search for custom points of interest and polygons around a specified location.
  • Retrieve a set of custom points of interest (POIs) and/or polygons within a specified bounding box.
  • Find all custom locations and polygons within an isoline route result.
  • Find all custom locations and polygons within a specified radius of a defined route.
  • Search custom indices generated from multiple fields from one or more layers.

This example set works with version 1.7.7 or higher

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