Traffic API

The HERE Traffic API is a RESTful API that provides traffic flow information and traffic map tiles.

Traffic Incident Data

The API provides aggregated information about traffic incidents in XML or JSON, including the type and location of each traffic incident, status (whether it is still active), start and end time, and other relevant data.

Traffic Map Tile Overlays (Traffic Tiles)

The Traffic API delivers pre-rendered map tile overlays with traffic information, ready to be displayed by mapping applications. You can request map tiles that show traffic data for a specific area.

Traffic Flow Data

The service offers access to real-time traffic flow data in XML or JSON, including information on speed and congestion for the region(s) defined in each request, and can deliver additional data such as the geometry of the road segments to which the flow data relate.

Traffic Flow Availability

The service allows client applications to access the general traffic information either specified by a map segment (defined as a map view), or in general for the whole world (without the map view).

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