Route Match Extension API

The HERE Route Match Extension API is a Restful API that computes the most probable route from a GPS trace. The GPS trace is sent in the POST request body using a standard format like GPX, NMEA, KML or CSV. Route Match Extension API assumes that it is a consecutive set of GPS coordinates, and constructs a legal route driven on the HERE road network. Typical inaccuracies of GPS traces are taken into account when computing the most probable smooth route.

Route Match Extension API returns 3 items in the result:

  • The route path as a sequence of link IDs with driving direction per link. It includes the geometry and length of each link.
  • Each input GPS coordinate with the matched link ID on the route, and the matched coordinate on the route.
  • Warnings encountered during the match process, like very bad point quality or suspicious driving manoeuvres.

This example set works with version 2.0.0 or higher

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