Twitter Ads API

This is a Postman collection for the Twitter Ads API endpoints.

This is a Postman collection for the Twitter Ads API endpoints. Please see the following documentation for more details:

In case you have an API-related question, you can also go to the community forum and search/ask with required information.


Quick install

Make sure you installed the Postman client on your machine then just click Run in Postman button at the right-top. Or, you could also install this collection from your Postman client directly by opening New => Template then search "Twitter Ads API".

Manual install

You can also download this collection files from GitHub repo here:


This collection includes a pre-configured environment setting. You will be needing to set up below variables in order to run each request:

Name Description
account_id Your Ads Account ID.
version Please use the latest version.


As mentioned above, you need to configure your credentials. To get those, please see the following information:

Please be noted that the Ads API currently only supports OAuth 1.0a.


Twitter Ads API
The Ads API program enables businesses to create and manage ad campaigns programmatically on Twitter. We are building an ecosystem of innovative and specialized ad tech partners to meet the needs of Twitter’s diverse marketers.