Places API

The HERE Places (Search) API is a web service which allows users to search and explore locations, buildings and other points of interest.

The Places (Search) API has a number of endpoints that center around two major features:

  • Place discovery – search for places near your users
  • Place description - get detailed information about the places your users are interested in

Within place discovery, the API has endpoints supporting a number of use cases, from which you can select according to the needs of your application:

  • search – location-aware search for places based on user-provided search terms
  • explore – find interesting places in an area (either near the user or selected by the user)
  • here – identify what place is at a given location
  • around – similar to explore, but optimised for augmented reality visual exploration applications such as LiveSight.

This example set works with version 1.0 or higher

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