Geocoder API

The HERE Geocoder API is a web API that offers geocoding, reverse geocoding and landmark geocoding services.


Geocoding matches an address to its correct location on the map. Applications submit addresses or a search string containing partial address information. The result is either a single record exactly matching the input, or a set of records ranked by relevance when the input is ambiguous or the input cannot be found on the map in the requested detail.

Reverse Geocoding

Reverse geocoding retrieves a street address or administrative area information corresponding to a given geo-coordinate.

Landmark Geocoding

Landmark geocoding is a combination of geocoding, landmark search, and reverse geocoding. It supports search for airports, well known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or landmarks classified as nationally important. The result is a list of ranked locations including street addresses, administrative areas, or landmarks.

This example set works with version 6.2.80 or higher

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