Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis API

With TEXT2DATA you can:

  • Perform Sentiment Analysis of your text documents (or tweets), identify what is positive, neutral or negative.
  • Get detailed report on entities, concepts or themes,
  • Get information on important keywords and their polarity in the document,
  • Detect information like: emotions, slang, spam or languages,
  • Classify your text documents into your own user categories,
  • Extract information from documents using your pre-trained models,
  • Perform advanced data mining,
  • Build impressive reports in PowerBI or Tableau (available in "Enterprise" plan).

API endpoint URL: http://api.text2data.com/v3/

Home page: https://text2data.com/

The api can be consumed directly or using our SDK. Our Excel Add-In and Google Sheets Add-on are also using this api to process the data.