Webex Messaging API

Messages, Rooms, Teams, People, Webhooks, AttachmentActions... The full Messaging REST API accessible from a user access token

Hey there! Thanks for checking out Cisco Webex for Developers. If you've used Cisco Webex Meetings or Cisco Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) you know how easy it is to meet and collaborate with your team members and customers.

The Webex for Developers program opens up the power behind the Webex platform to anyone seeking to extend the Webex experience.

Webex Meetings is a powerful conferencing solution that lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time. By combining video, audio and content sharing, Webex Meetings creates an effective conferencing environment, leading to more productive meetings and increased productivity. Developer information for Webex Meetings will soon be available on this site. In the meantime, to get started with developing for Webex Meetings, please see the Getting Started guides over on Cisco DevNet. Keep reading for information about Webex Teams.

Webex Teams makes staying in sync with your teammates and customers easy. Conversations in Webex Teams take place in virtual meeting rooms. Some rooms live for a few hours while others become permanent fixtures of your team's workflow with titles like Daily Standup or Build Status. Webex Teams allows conversations to flow seamlessly between messages, video calls, and real-time whiteboarding sessions. No other solution brings together so many facets of collaboration into a single unified platform.



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