Webex Admin API

Perform administration actions such as provisioning a user and managing devices, rather than using Cisco Webex Control Hub.

The Cisco Webex API includes administration APIs that allow administrators to perform actions such as provisioning users and managing devices.

By automating administration, user management and provisioning can be centralized in an existing tool, rather than using the Webex Control Hub. For example, a partner selling multiple Collaboration tools to customers can use these APIs to enable Webex provisioning through a centralized portal.


What's possible with Admin APIs?

Currently, administration is focused on User Provisioning. Using these APIs, an admin can:

  • Create a user
  • Update a user
  • View license usage of an organization
  • View available roles of an organization
  • Manage Hybrid Services licenses and users


Use of these APIs requires you to be an administrator of an organization.

If you are an administrator, you can login here to get a development auth token with necessary scopes.

Creating an Integration that will act on behalf of an administrator can be done by including one or more of the following scopes when requesting an auth token via oAuth.

  • spark-admin:people_read Access to read your user's company directory
  • spark-admin:people_write Access to write to your user's company directory
  • spark-admin:organizations_read Access to write to your user's company directory
  • spark-admin:roles_read Access to read roles available in your user's organization
  • spark-admin:licenses_read Access to read licenses available in your user's organizations


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