bunq Public API

The bunq API is the best European RESTful open banking API.


The bunq API is the best European RESTful open banking API.

This collection will help you start with the bunq API :)


The bunq API is accessible to both businesses and everyone who wants to access their personal bank account programmatically.

We offer 200+ endpoints that you can use to do the following:

  • request, initiate and schedule payments;
  • order, activate and replace bank cards;
  • read and manage bank account information;
  • confirm funds availability;
  • create, update and delete monetary accounts;
  • link cards to monetary accounts;
  • update pin codes and country permissions;
  • retrieve and update cvc2 codes;
  • download attachments;
  • and much more!

Full API referrence

The bunq API has the richest collection of banking endpoints, and we are determined to add all of them to our Postman collection over time. Until we succeed, visit our official bunq API docs: https://doc.bunq.com


You can import our collection with both the Sandbox and the Production environment from our GitHub page: https://github.com/bunq/postman


bunq is the only bank in the world built by a fellow coder. It offers its users full control over their money: both from the app and programmatically via a real-time RESTful open banking API with 200+ endpoints.