Kentico Kontent

A set of APIs for managing Content as a Service with Kentico Kontent

The Kentico Kontent APIs are designed so you can retrieve and manage content for any application. They're built around the REST principle and return content in JSON.

  • The Delivery API lets you pull content from Kentico Kontent to your web applications and digital devices.
  • The Content Management API v2 (BETA) lets you manage and publish content in Kentico Kontent.
  • The Recommendation API (BETA) lets you provide personalized content recommendations to your users.

We've also included a set of calls from the tutorials in our Kentico Kontent docs. There, you'll find everything you need to get your project running while pulling content from Kentico Kontent.


Kentico Kontent
Kentico Kontent is a cloud-first headless CMS that allows you to use Content as a Service to distribute content to any channel and device.