Travefy API - Public

Welcome to Travefy's API. Here are some pre-made requests for you to explore the API using Postman.

API Keys

You'll need your API keys, so contact if you don't have them.

There is a public key and a private key for your platform.

Think of your private key like a password:

  • Store it securely
  • Don't share it with anyone outside of your organization
  • Don't put it in any code on your website or in a Url that someone could find

Users you've created on the platform also have a PublicKey and private AccessToken. This AccessToken is specific to your platform and acts as a password for the User, so do not share this access token. It may be revoked by the User at any time.

Different calls in the API require different keys. For example, creating and managing Users requires your platform's secret key. Creating Trips on behalf of a User requires your platform's public key and the AaccessToken for the User. Check each call for the requirements.


NOTE: You'll need to create an environment in Postman, select that environment, and enter your platform's api keys in the 0 - Setup/Environment Setup pre-request script (documentation on pre-request scripts) to set the environment variables. Also, the calls have dependencies. A Trip must be created before a TripDay, a TripDay must be created before a TripEvent, and GET/UPDATE/DELETE calls will only work after an item is created with a POST.

NOTE: The Create Full Trip request is the only request that allows child entities (days, events, and ideas) to be passed in with the parent entity. All other calls will only affect the primary entity.

Making Your First Call

Making your first call Test that you have the headers setup by making a GET request to /api/v1/echo with the X-API-PUBLIC-KEY header set to your platform's public key. Here's the Postman test for that. You should get a HTTP 200 OK response if your keys are correct.

Next, make a GET request to /api/v1/secureEcho with the X-API-PUBLIC-KEY and X-API-PRIVATE-KEY headers set to your platform's public and private keys. Here's the Postman test for that. You should get a HTTP 200 OK response if your keys are correct.


Environment API Base Url Web App Url


  • Your platform will have separate API keys for each environment.
  • Data created or modified in each environment will not affect the other.
  • Data cannot be transfered from one environment to the other.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

For platforms that have it enabled, Users can be authenticated into your platform the Travefy environment from your site. To use this, POST a form to https://{{your-travefy-platform-url}}/auth/tokenBasedLogin. The User will then be authenticated and redirected to their account page.

Here's a working example of SSO working within our Sandbox environment:

You'll need to do a few changes from this example:

  1. Change the base url from to your travefy platform url and remove port 81.
  2. Add your platform's public key. NOTE: DO NOT add your Private Key to any public or user-accessible page.
  3. Add the user's access token. NOTE: This is a secure token and should be on a page that only authorized users can access.
  4. Style the button.

API Pricing

Click here for information on our API pricing.


If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at


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